a shift | my food philosophy

lately i’ve been doing some re-evaluating. i’ve thought about how, or if, i would address this on my blog.

warning: this may be a ramble, and no recipes are attached.

when i first began my vegan baking adventure i felt that the possibilities were endless. i set out to prove to people that delicious baked goods could still be made without animal products and wheat. soon after, i ventured into vegan and gluten free baking while i worked at a cafe that wished to offer gluten free options i even  experimented with gluten free meals to have at home, despite having no gluten allergy.  eventually, i had worked with gluten free flours enough that i was comfortable developing my own vegan and gluten free muffins and quick bread recipes to share with family and friends. i proved my point.

there was a problem, though: with reflection, i can see that i was turning my back to other learning opportunities in baking by choosing to avoid eggs, wheat, etc. i feel that at some point i lost my real values amongst the other loud voices on the internet. for the past couple of months, i have found that my attention to certain other food blogs and baking interests have shifted. i am less interested in specifically vegan baking and more in baking as a whole.

over four years ago now, i made the choice to go vegetarian and have never looked back since, and can never see that changing. this past march i decided to try out veganism. i am very happy i made this step, because it opened my eyes and allowed me to think more creatively about how food can come together. about a month ago, though, i found that a completely diet did not work for me physically, and am now eating dairy yogurt and eggs. i choose not to drink or use dairy milk simply for preference of nut milks.

HOWEVER: because i choose to not eat meat does NOT mean that i look down on people who choose differently. i believe that all meat and animal products should, if eaten, be eaten mindfully. this means to understand that ingredients in a dish came from a living creature and should not be thrown around wastefully. these products should be respected and responsibly sourced, whenever possible. the fact is, yes, there are some big and bad farms out there that abuse their animals and their rights. forever this will be ingrained into my brain and my heart. but, there are also some really passionate farmers out there (especially here in canada) who respect their animals and what they do for them – i believe this.

MY FOOD PHILOSOPHY: i believe simple food is the best food. simple does not necessarily mean the least amount of time or the least amount of ingredients, but food made with ingredients that are in their purest form. in my books, homemade food will always trump store-bought & packaged. i believe in sustainable living and moderation, this means respecting ALL of your ingredients and how they were sourced. i believe in living to sustain your body and mind, not a definition or diet.

with all of this in mind, there may be a slight shift on the blog in time. much of what i cook, bake and eat is still vegan and therefore much of what i post will still be vegan. however, i plan on learning more about baking with eggs and possibly some dairy, so that may be expected as well. again, this blog is called little adventures for a reason.

now i am off to tend to some lovely vegan gingersnaps fresh from the oven,

happy holidays!


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