easy and wonderful recipes | chia pudding 2 ways


today i have accomplished: a whole lotta notta! i woke up at 5am after tossing and turning all night. i had a hard time falling asleep, because of what, you ask? recipes. my brain was SWIRLING with recipe ideas for today. well, that was counter-productive, as i got around to nothing but following up with the resumes i’ve passed out thus far. you know the story, not hiring right now, never know what the future holds, blaaaaaaah blah blah. job hunting is hard, kids. in fact, i just woke up from a 2 hour nap… in the middle of the afternoon…

so! now that you’ve got a solid idea of my day, lets talk about yesterday!


i started the day yesterday with this honestly delicious, nutritious, and simple breakfast bowl, knowing that i was going to have a pretty full day of baking and passing out resumes. it is simply: quick oats (rolled or steel cut oats would of course be great too, i was just impatient), topped with chopped medjool dates, coconut chia granola, sliced banana, homemade raw almond butter, and chia seeds. mmm! 

i think by now, the majority of people are pretty well aware of the incredible health benefits that the mighty little chia seeds hold. plus, they do such great work for us in baking – binding our treats together and allowing us to omit our little eggy friends.
if you’re like me and follow numerous foodies on instagram, you’re probably no stranger to “chia pudding”; it really seems as though there are endless options for this healthy treat, and that is really inviting!

the first time i tried chia pudding, i was less than enthused. although the taste was fine, the texture really weirded me out. i avoided it then for a little while, but as i scoured the internet i found recipes that called for you to blend the chia mixture after it had gelled up – genious! as soon as i saw this, i got into my kitchen and quickly whipped up a batch so i could test it out.


low and behold, the chia pudding was much more pudding like, and i was very pleased. so, i am sharing with you these two recipes in hopes that you haven’t given up on chia pudding yet, either.

chia pudding  2 ways: cocoa almond & coconut matcha.

  • 3tbsp chia seeds
  • 1/2 c almond milk (any brand, or even homemade!)
  • 1/2 c coconut milk (i use coconut dream, not canned coconut milk) 
  • 1/2 tbsp honey
  • 1/2 tbsp maple syrup
  • 1 tbsp cocoa powder
  • 1/2 tsp matcha powder
  • additional toppings (optional): sliced almonds, unsweetened shredded coconut, frozen + pureed banana

1) you will need 2 bowls. in one bowl, mix together 1/2c almond milk and maple syrup, adding in half of your chia seeds (1/2tbsp). in the next bowl, mix 1/2c coconut milk, honey and remaining chia seeds.

2) allow these two mixtures to gel up, stirring before you put them in the refrigerator.  for the best consistency, do this the night before you will be wanting your pudding. 

3) once your chia mixtures have set, stir each – you are looking for a quite thick consistency.

4) with your almond, chia & maple syrup mixture, place cocoa powder in a high speed blender and blend until you have reached your desired consistency. you may add a small amount of almond milk to help this process along.

5) (in a clean blender) with your coconut, chia & honey mixture, place matcha powder and blend. again, you may need a small amount of extra coconut milk.

6) chia loves to be chilled! after you have blended your mixtures, you can eat them as is, but they will only get better if chilled longer – for up to a week.  



– to make your cocoa almond pudding even more decadent, might i suggest that you blend in a bit of almond butter?

– rather than eating these alone, take half of one and top with frozen pureed banana, yum!

like i said, the options for chia pudding are truly endless. if these flavours aren’t your thing, simply follow the guidelines i’ve given you and make it to match your taste!


to finish off the day, i decided to bake these from ‘Natural Sweet Recipes’ for my family; they were a total hit. like the name of the page suggests, these muffins are naturally sweetened with maple syrup and apple sauce (i used mashed banana, though). they’re almost gone, meaning i have to whip up something new very soon! try them, you will not be sorry that you did!


Let me know what you think!

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