an update | vegan spring rolls!

i have wanted to start a blog for quite a while, but i never felt like i had a concrete enough “concept” to do it. when Luke and i decided that we would be moving to ontario in the very near future, i finally felt like i had a blog idea that people may be interested in following.

as i previously mentioned, i almost completely caved in ontario, but then i picked myself back up and decided i would go through with the journey.

after much thought, and after finally being able to discuss many of my thoughts out loud, i decided that a move to ontario is not the best option for me right now. i just recently purchased my own car, and just like every other (almost) 20 year old, money is not flourishing.
for right now, my best option is to live at home and look for jobs in the surrounding area; i have been searching and applying to all of the bakeries i find in the surrounding area. part of me is pretty bummed out that i will not (yet) be getting experience in a big city, but a bigger part of me is relieved that i will have less stress about finances.

…now, on to something much more exciting! spring rolls!


     this was my first (and certainly not last) go at homemade spring rolls. i’m a really huge fan of asian cuisine and the majority of the flavour combinations that is used. don’t get me wrong, though, i have certainly not done any amount of research on this and i am not saying that the meal above is an ode to asian cuisine at all, but it was quite tasty so i thought i would share! 

this isn’t much of a recipe in regards to the amounts that you will use, moreso just a guideline of methods:

vegan spring rolls with cashew-lemon dipping sauce

for the spring rolls:

  • rice papers
  • coconut oil
  • (green) cabbage
  • bean sprouts
  • julienned carrot
  • julienned zucchini
  • green onion, diced
  • lemon pepper

for the dipping sauce:

  • (raw) cashew butter
  • fresh (or bottled) lemon juice
  • soy sauce (or tamari)
  • water

1) place your rice papers in a casserole dish with warm water so that they are submerged; allow to sit until quite soft (5-10 minutes).  remove rice papers (carefully! they are very delicate) and place on a plate in the freezer to cool down.

2) melt coconut oil in a warm pan, add your julienned carrots and zucchini and allow to soften a tiny bit (a few minutes). shred your cabbage and set aside with sprouts. 

3) once your carrot and zucchini is slightly cooked, add your green onion and lemon pepper. if you don’t have lemon pepper, lemon juice and black pepper will work fine. you may also want to salt your vegetables.

4) remove your rice papers from the freezer.

5) prepare your sauce: add roughly 1 tbsp of raw cashew butter (peanut butter may be nice too) with roughly 1/2 tbsp lemon juice and whisk with a fork until softened up a bit. add some water until you have reached your desired consistency, and add a small amount of tamari or soy sauce. TASTE! adjust as needed. 

6) giving yourself enough room between each rice paper, place cabbage and sprouts on each. now add your warm vegetable mixture, giving yourself a good inch or more at all sides. fold over your rice paper, tucking in the sides as you go.

serve with sauce (and sweet potato, if you like :))


i found this to be a very light, but satisfying lunch.
i’m excited to keep experimenting with spring rolls! 


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