the very first | sunday share


going outside and getting your rays (which are few and far between here in nova scotia) is important!

however, like most bloggers, i spend a lot of my time browsing through various blogs and picking up tips and tricks along the way. as a part-time food blogger, i am constantly looking up new recipes to try out. as well, i love when bloggers really put their full-self out there and share their stories along with their recipes! because of all of these things, i have my bookmarks folder filled to the brim with different types of blogs and recipes that i have decided to share with you once a week.

i currently have chia pudding in my fridge, getting ready to make this.

falafels are something i have been dying to make (and a healthy version, at that), and this recipe has me inspired!

molly yeh. just because i really love her and her blog.

this blog is definitely one to visit if you feel that you need a bit of a lift, she is always looking on the bright side!

i have made a version of these for my family a few times and they went crazy for them every time!

do you love coconut? i know i do, just the smell of it alone. plus it’s really great for you! before going to toronto last week, i veganized this recipe. it was so yummy, definitely a new go-to!

again, coconut. this recipe is a favorite of mine for a quick, light dinner that can be changed up with whatever ingredients i have on hand!


be sure to check out all of these blogs regularly! they’re some of my favorites and i’m sure they’ll become yours too.


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