little thoughts

today is the day we take off, back to home turf… well, home-for-now turf.

i am quite excited to go back to nova scotia, though. knowing i have limited time there to catch up with friends, family, and pack up my life is really exciting and i think it’s going to be a very busy two weeks.

broccoli slaw (julienned broccoli steaks, cabbage and carrots), chickpeas, and brown rice tossed in a dijon dressing
broccoli slaw (julienned broccoli steaks, cabbage and carrots), chickpeas, and brown rice tossed in a dijon dressing

plus, living out of this hotel room with a limited pantry and zero baking has been actual torture. my family better be ready, ’cause when i get home there’s gonna be a baking EXPLOSION; i’m talking bread, muffins, maybe even some protein bars or bites. i am also entertaining the idea of creating some quinoa milk; i have been making my own almond milk for about two months now and i really love it, but it certainly is not cheap. moving away, having rent and other expenses to pay equals need for budget. i don’t want to give up the things i love though; a full pantry full of ingredients for vegan baking is important to me. baking not only fuels my inspiration and drive to actually go somewhere in the culinary world, but i also find it very relaxing; it is definitely my main creative outlet.

i am also looking forward to having my main camera back in my life (why didn’t i bring it on this trip???)  to bring some real photography to this blog, rather than the mobile shots you have been seeing thus far.
i have a lot of ideas swirling in my brain, both for this blog and myself as a person. here are a few ideas that you can expect to come to life in the near future:

  • first thing’s first, content on this blog: contributing a lot of quality content to this blog is my first priority.
  • recipe development: i have a lot of research to do for this. i cook vegan meals and treats for my non-vegan father and grandparents all the time. this is why i want to begin recipe development; i know vegan recipes can sometimes be intimidating, with unfamiliar ingredients and methods of cooking. i want veganism to be tangible for anyone, so that everyone can feel the positive effects.
  • friday features: my blog is new to the world, but i have been following blogs for many years; i know how important it is for blogs to have a chance to be shown on a new side of the screen, so i would like to offer that at little adventures.

my main goal for this blog is to be honest. i will not sugar-coat the bad or play down the good. i would love to be able to build friendships through blogging, and i believe the only way i can do that is if i put my real-self out there.

feedback is always appreciated! whether it be a question or idea, or a recipe you think i should try, let me know! you can comment here, or you can visit my ‘contact’ page for a more one-on-one basis.


Let me know what you think!

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