let me just say, this week has been a total emotional roller coaster and yesterday it almost flew right off the tracks.

we have been really busy this week, a lot of transiting (new to us) to the city (new to us) and to apartments (kind of new to us). in our “down time”, we’ve been trying to get the most out of our experience by exploring the area which really just means more transiting, walking, and not knowing where we are. i\ve been falling asleep in the very early PM’s and waking up in the very early AM’s, which gives me a lot of time to over-think on some things.

from the get-go, i was feeling pretty anxious for the simple fact that: a) i have never made a decision like this without my parents thus far (hellooo, growing up!) and b) not having any idea where i am and relying on google maps is a little bit stressful. so! when we made our decision that we were going to take the apartment in Brampton on Sunday, which was pretty quick to begin with, i felt uneasy about only being able to talk to my parents about the decision via texting.

the moment i saw our area in brampton, i knew it didn’t match up with my “wants and needs”; aka, most things aren’t in walking distance (i don’t have a car) and there doesn’t seem to be much of a close-knit community feel to the area, like i had hoped. on top of those two things, i need to find a job and that is a stressful feeling on it’s own.

so yesterday, with my 5am wake up and no caffeine (more on that later), i let everything get to me and almost bailed on the whole idea. i was ready to pack my things and head back to my familiar little province of ova scotia.

thankfully, once we were out and about and away from our stuffy little hotel room, my mind cleared and i realized that this is all part of the adventure and in order to grow, i need to give myself opportunities to grow in a bigger place. being in brampton will not only give me more job opportunities in surrounding areas, but it also gives me the chance to see what else is out there in terms of new locations.

phew! glad i sorted that one out.

now, for the lack of caffeine: in honor of the 3 day high-raw food challenge, and seeing that a steaming cup of java wasn’t on the menu, i thought i’d give it a shot. i didn’t have a cup of coffee all day, and instead had the pictured “three tulsi”, also known as  holy basil, tea. tulsi tea is thriving with all of it’s unique health benefits  (read more about that here) and has no caffeine content. the taste was better than i expected, as i’m usually not a tea lover (with the exception of matcha — that stuff is brilliant). it is refreshing and tastes just like basil smells (who would’a thought!?!); i can imagine this would work wonders if you were congested with a cold.

all-in-all, i survived the day (and a long one, at that) without coffee, reinforcing the fact that i think i will be able to pull off the 3 day high-raw challenge.

but for now, i am enjoying a cup of coffee, because i can!


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