New Home

Luke and I have been pretty busy the past few days, it’s hard to believe we’ve only had two full days so far.

Saturday was rough for me; it started with waking up way too early, but perked up on our train trip into downtown Toronto. As I mentioned earlier, we had a showing scheduled  that day, and before we left to Toronto we managed to find another showing as well. Our first showing was not good at all; the area that the apartment was in was very run down and neither of us felt comfortable, not to mention that Luke was taller than the ceilings in the apartment.

Our second showing was in Brampton, on the boarder of Mississauga. The area was very new, modern, and big. The apartment was a great size, too.

I had a hard time taking in everything because I was so tired, and I was so overwhelmed by all the transiting we did that day and the money spent on transit (though, mostly spent on cab because we had a hard time figuring out the subway and street cars).

Once we finally got home, I was exhausted but I continued to look online for more apartments that we could view the next day; at this point I had been awake for over 15 hours, most of which had been spent searching on electronics for apartments and transportation and I was very overwhelmed and discouraged.

I woke up yesterday feeling better, so Luke and I headed over to the second cup to talk and relax. We ended up deciding that the second apartment we viewed in Brampton (as it is a month-to-month payment plan, rather than a 1 year lease) would be a good choice for us to make right now, until we get to know the area better. So, we called the owner and set up another meeting; we made a deposit on the apartment and plan to move in around June 1.

 Now that a deposit is made on this apartment and we have somewhere to live for a while, I will be spending a lot of time job searching. However, until we leave on Friday, we will mostly be relaxing and exploring the area and getting used to transit.

Today we plan to explore Port Credit, visit local art galleries and other cute little shops along the main street. I’m hoping I can find some great authentic finds!

 [[I managed to find a Whole Foods Market near our apartment in Brampton and let me tell you: it is a foodie’s DREAM]]


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