Journey of Self-Improvement

if you’ve taken the time to read my bio, you know that i have a history with changes in my diet.

when i am browsing the internet, i am not spending time mindlessly looking at gifs, memes, or what ever else social media throws at us; typically i am looking up superfood benefits, recipes, etc. this morning, after my usual early morning  wake up, i made a pot of coffee and opened up my laptop. i managed to find myself on a website i’ve never visited before, calledYoung and Raw from what i can tell, it’s a website with content contributed by authors who write regularly, but also other people from around the globe sharing their knowledge on raw, high-raw, and overall plant-based lifestyles.

 i have been interested in learning more about raw food diets for quite some time; like many people, i imagine, i had a self-conceived notion that it meant all food was served cold and never to hit heat. soon after visiting and looking around the Young and Raw website, i found this notion to be incorrect. raw food, or “high-raw” food, diets still include cooked grains like quinoa or wild rice (which obviously must be cooked for consumption) and even steamed vegetables.

basically, the idea behind a raw food diet is to absorb the most nutrients from R.E.A.L. food that our bodies possibly can, and understanding that raw and cooked versions of vegetables offer different nutrient profiles.

since becoming vegan in March, beginning to cook my own bread, make my own almond milk, dressings and cashew butter, i have definitely felt more confident in my eating habits and happier about my overall food choices. however, i always feel like i have room to grow. for example: i drink coffee with soy cream every morning, cereal is my nightly snack, struggle with anxiety, and i don’t believe i eat enough fruits – i believe these qualities are downfalls that i can improve upon to feel better. on Young and Raw, i found a 3 day High Raw Food Challenge that i am sure to try out as soon as I am back home (due to the fact that many meals require blending and my hotel room does not have a blender). but, because i am impatient and eager, i am going to be adding in a few of the meals from the challenge to my routine in the few days left in Port Credit.

i don’t believe in diets that cannot be maintained, so by testing out a 3 day high-raw diet i think i will be able to get a good idea of whether or not it’s for me. as for cutting out my morning coffee, i have tried this before and know that it is very challenging, but i am going to try to replace it with Guayusa tea (wish me luck!)

   ***let me clarify the fact that i do not believe in limited-time “diets” and i do not believe that good health comes in pill or supplement form. good health is a life-long commitment***

 i will be sure to post more about my experiences with this 3 day challenge and give my two cents.


Let me know what you think!

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