Goodbye (for now)

we are two days away from our week of learning and exploring, and i would be lying if i said i wasn’t nervous. 

don’t get me wrong, taking off in an airplane to an unknown place with your best friend is inevitably going to be awesome and exciting. in the same breath, though, it’s pretty nerve wracking. the point of this trip isn’t for good times and giggles, though i am pretty sure that will be a huge part of it, but there is also a lot of pressure on us to find a place that is suitable for both of us, as quickly as we possibly can. a lot of leases will be starting june 1, and any time after that would probably be unfortunately too far away for what we’re wanting.

essentially, we will spend the week searching the neighbourhood, and hopefully by the end of it we will sign a lease. when we get back, we will have two weeks to pack up our lives and say goodbye to loved ones.

because the word ‘goodbye’ typically ends up with me welling up with tears and anxiety, i will have to find a replacement word.

i have moved away before, but i was only just over an hour away from home. saying “goodbye” never meant a whole lot, because everyone i needed was just a short drive away. this time, though, i am of course saying goodbye (for now) to my family (kitty & doggies included), the familiarity of my town, but also something a little bit more new to me: a relationship. not knowing when i will see these people again definitely strikes a cord in me. what i’ve been telling myself, though, is that all of these people have touched me in a way that i simply cannot just move away and be done with them; staying in touch will be crucial, and i believe that people don’t lose touch with the people that truly matter.
in this sense,  this move will definitely be what i consider to be my first “move”.  

the next time you hear from me, i’ll be in a hotel room and probably exhausted.

goodbye (for now).


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