well, it’s 5:20am here in mississauga and I’ve been awake for a little over an hour. we arrived here safe and sound yesterday afternoon, after flying out from halifax at 9:15am, arriving in montreal at 9:45am (local time) and then arriving in toronto at 12:20pm.

once we landed in toronto, everything went (quite surprisingly) very smoothly; our bags came quick, there were plenty of cabs waiting at the airport, and we found our hotel without any trouble.

after taking a quick peek at our hotel room (which is nothing fancy, let me tell you), we decided to explore the area to see what is around. immediately, i was very happy to see something familiar: second cup cafe. needless to say, after my extremely early wakeup this morning, i’ll be heading over there as soon as Luke gets his butt out of bed.

after walking up and down what appears to be the main street in our area, we decided to stop in for lunch at an Indian food restaurant; all i have to say is: WOW. the food there was absolutely incredible. maybe it was a mixture of lack of eating proper food yesterday and excitement, but my plate of saucy mixed veggies, potatoes and chickpeas really hit the spot.

after lunch we had a short break due to food coma, but then went to the No Frills across the street being as our hotel room has a (VERY small) full functioning kitchen. as i think all vegans know, trying to find your usual favorites in a new area is never fun. i came out of No Frills with the majority of the stuff i planned to buy, aside from my Silk coffee cream and SO Delicious coconut “yogurt”: two staples in my usual diet ( and yogurt, what else is there.. right?).

after we finished grocery shopping, we were pretty beat and it had started to rain so we decided to call it a night and hang out in the hotel room. i spent a horrendously long amount of time trying to figure out one single bus route and then gave up to watch some TV. we managed to set up an apartment viewing for today in York, so i suppose we’re off to a good start. Luke found two other apartments on Kijiji that we would also love to see, so we are hoping to get in contact with them at some point today.

I’ve spent the majority of the morning trying to figure out the most efficient way of getting to this apartment without having to spend a fortune on taxis. unfortunately this means (as it always does with buses), our 20 minute trip has turned into an hour and 20. we will have to wait and see what comes of that!

 now that i (think) i’ve got a bearing on what our day will look like, i think i am going to relax with a cup of coffee (made with plain almond milk, blech).


Let me know what you think!

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