A Start

it’s may 1, a start of a new month, a start of spring (hopefully) and a start for me here at little adventures. in case you haven’t read the ‘my story’ page, i’ll give you a heads up as to why little adventures has come to be:

 quite recently, a friend (Luke) and I made the decision to move to Toronto. Luke and I have been best friends for many years and a couple years back we decided that if at any time one of us wanted to move away, the other would happily follow. 

this decision started with an idea to take a one-week vacation to Montreal. it was March at the time, I was working my second fast-food job at Subway, and Luke was working at SportChek as he had for the past 3 years. ‘we just need to get away for a bit’ we both thought. we decided we would leave May 9 and stay until the 16th; we booked the hotel and that was that.

somewhere between then and now, we decided that a one week vacation wasn’t enough and that we were going to move away. I was waiting for my lease to be up, and Luke has a manager position that he needs to sort out, but no matter what the complications may be, we made the decision.

originally, we had no idea when we wanted to, or when we could move. after looking at apartments on kijiji and other websites, we found that many leases would be starting in June. because of this, we decided that a one week vacation to montreal would not be worth our time or money, and decided that we better head up to Toronto to scope out some potentials.

 so, here we are. in just over a week, we’ll be in the air and on our way to discover our new home. I have no idea what to expect. I’ve had my own apartment before, but Luke hasn’t. I know that it isn’t all butterflies and roses when it comes to leases, finding your “dream ‘home'”, and friends becoming roommates, but I am still very excited to get another chance at the experience.

we have a few places picked out that we know we want to visit, and will scour the internet for more during the nights that we’re there.  gosh, i’m both beyond excited and cannot wait (literally) to leave, and nervous and nauseous at the idea of needing to get so many things organized in such a small amount of time.   

 anyways, for now i’m off to chop up some freshly baked vegan and gluten free granola bars. yuuuuummmm!

 ~ kelsi


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